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CD and DVD Packaging

When selecting a packaging option for your printed CD or DVD, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How will your customer or client use the CD? If the disc is something they will use regularly or want to archive, you'll use a different type of packaging than if your disc is a one-time use marketing piece.
  2. How will you pack the disc? Will you be using an automated line or will you be hand packing?
  3. Finally, how will you distribute your finished disc?

Once you have answered these three questions, you'll have a better idea of which of these packaging options is best for you.

DVD Cases

DVD Case with glossy interior

DVD case with matte interior

PL Pro with Glossy Interior
(single-disc and two-disc sizes)
PL Pro with Matte Interior
(single-disc and two-disc sizes)
slim DVD case with smooth interior
Slim DVD Case with Smooth Interior
(single-disc and two-disc sizes)

CD Jewel Cases

assembled jewel case

slimline jewel case

Assembled Jewel Case
Slimline Jewel Case

Clamshell Disc Case

clamshell CD case Disc Savers CD Case
Original CShell

CD Sleeves

Paper CD Sleeves Custom Printed CD Sleeves
Paper CD Sleeves with 2 mil Windows Custom Printed Cardboard Sleeves
Tyvek CD sleeves
Tyvek Disc Sleeves