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Custom Printed CDs & DVDs Save Churches Time and Money

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Adding custom printed CDs and DVDs to your daily ministry can be a powerful  evangelism tool that speaks to church members, nonmembers, believers and seekers.  Promoting CD and DVD sales from your church bookstore or Web site can also help raise funds for ministries and outreach.

When creating CDs of your church service, the "bottle neck" is usually your print station. Having a supply of printed discs already on-hand can help you create CDs within minutes of your service.

Use printed discs for:

  • Fundraising Sell your CDs and DVDs in your book store to help generate funds for you ministries.
  • Outreach Church members use your Church's CDs to share messages and inspiration with their friends and family.
  • Ministries Use CDs and DVDs to provide supplemental information and study guides for small group ministries
  • To save time - because a full 80-minute CD can be recorded in less than 2 minutes, acquiring custom printed discs prior to services can save valuable time and effort.

Inspiration for Your Church's Next CD or DVD

Choose an image below and we'll print it on a CD or DVD with your church's information or logo. Or, use these images as inspiration for your own artwork.

printed disc church template - two crosses

printed disc church template - bell

Image #REL-2CR


Image #REL-BEL
printed disc church template - man arms raised in praise printed disc church template - faith peace love
Image #REL-MAN Image #REL-STO
printed disc church template - hands in prayer printed disc church template - God in nature
Image #REL-HAN Image #REL-TRE