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Printed DVD-Rs

  • Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs – the best recording media available for long archival life
  • Several Disc Printing Methods Means more options so you're getting the best quality print at the best price

With preprinted DVD-Rs, you can ensure that each disc is labeled with the correct critical information, while having the flexibility to record up to 4.71 GB of information on the fly, changing the contents of your disc as needed. Preprinted discs regulate the information recorded on the label surface, which helps with filing and archiving.

At, you can have your DVD-R inkjet or thermal printed, silk screened or offset printed with your logo or other design. Not sure what method is best for you? Check out this handy disc printing guide to learn more about our printing capabilities and the benefits of each method.

To ensure your data is protected, We use only name brand DVDs from top manufacturers:

Falcon Pro Media
Taiyo Yuden

Record a complete 4.71 GB/120 minute DVD in 5 minutes on a beautiful, professional printed DVD-R/+R.  Learn more about disc quality and why it's so important to your finished product.