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Promote Your Business with Beautiful Custom Printed CDs & DVDs

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You are a visual person and, as such, you understand how images can affect people. Whether you're a wedding photographer, an architectural photographer or freelance feature photographer, a professionally printed CD or DVD can get your business noticed.

Get preprinted, blank CDs and DVDs with your business logo and contact information so that current and potential customers can find you easily. Do you serve multiple markets? Create several different templates and we can print short runs of each.

Use printed discs for:

  • Promoting your business - professional looking media will get you noticed and help win referrals.
  • Showing your portfolio to potential clients
  • Organizing, sharing and archiving your photos with consistent labeling.
  • Avoiding the print "bottleneck" have professional looking discs on hand and ready to burn.

Inspiration for your CD or DVD

Most of our photographers choose a single image to print on their disc and use very little text. Even if you love a minimalist look, we strongly recommend you include your business name and Web site address or phone number somewhere on the disc label, so potential customers can reach you.

printed disc church template - two crosses

printed disc church template - bell

Metallic colors are hard to replicate. WaterShield Silver discs, however, add glimmer and depth to oranges and yellows, allowing a better representation of gold hues. White discs provide a good background for most photographs.