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Printed CD-Rs from

Preprinted CD-Rs can help save you time when duplicating discs and help you filing and archiving your CDs as well. Printed CDs

Printed DVD-Rs from

Purchasing pre-printed DVD-Rs ensures each disc is labeled with the correct critical information, while giving you the flexibility to burn up to 4.71 GB on the Fly.  Printed DVDs

Printed Blu-ray Discs from

Purchasing pre-printed Blu-ray discs ensures each disc is labeled with the correct critical information, while giving you the flexibility to burn up to 50GB on the Fly with dual layer Blu-ray (25GB with single layer). Perfect for Boutique game designers or for high-end videographers.  Printed Blu-ray Discs

Duplication solution for short runs of your CD, DVD and Blu-ray content offers easy & affordable CD, DVD and even Blu-ray duplication services. We’ll record your content directly to top quality discs and print your artwork on the label. Best of all, it frees up your time so you can concentrate on what you do best: creating original, game-changing content. Disc Duplication

Special Offers and Promotions

Free Sample Thermal Printed Disc

To receive your free sample thermal printed CD or DVD, fill out the form on this page and upload your artwork. See for yourself why should be your choice for disc printing services. Free Sample.

Free WaterShield CD or DVD

Receive a free WaterShield CD or DVD with your artwork printed on it by filling out this form. Watershield discs repel water and protect the disc label from wear and scratches. Free WaterShield

Free Paper Sleeves with First Order

Place you place your first order of 100 or more printed discs, and receive 100 white paper sleeves with your order.  These white CD sleeves have a thick 2 mil polypropylene window, which helps prevent wrinkling. Each CD sleeve is 5 x 4-7/8" and have a 1-1/2" flap. Free Paper Sleeves


Enhance Your Image with Custom Printed CDs & Custom Printed DVDs from provides printed CDs and printed DVDs to churches, television stations, schools, sports teams, law enforcement agencies and other businesses. We also provide stock disc packaging for budget-minded businesses and organizations. Home

Contact and Discount Media Products LLC, as part of Discount Media Products LLC, has six distribution/sales offices across the U.S., including Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Burbank, Philadelphia, Seattle and our Southeast Distribution Center near Atlanta. Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions about Disc Printing Services

Information on accepted file formats, where to find disc templates and other common questions from's customers. FAQs Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is important to us so we won't sell or trade your email address. Read more on how we use your email address and what you can expect from us. Privacy Policy

Helpful Information about Preprinted Discs

Tips for Designing a Beautiful Disc

Designing a quality disc label is not as hard as it seems. Take a look at these five tips for better disc label design. Disc Design Tips

What You Need to Know about Disc Quality and Your Printed Discs

Disc quality is the single most important factor that determines the longevity of printed disc. uses Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs to ensure the integrity of your data. Disc Quality

Your Disc Printing Options has four different CD printing methods that can be used to print your CDs or DVDs. TTC will silkscreen, offset print, thermal print or inkjet print your CD-Rs or DVD-Rs, based on your specific needs. Printing Methods

Our Markets

Protect Client Data & Save Money with Custom Printed Discs

Doesn't it seem like it's always tax season? We understand the time-pressure CPAs are constantly under. That's why we offer free express turn around for accountants. Accountants

Custom Printed CDs & DVDs Save Churches Time and Money

Use color, custom printed CDs and DVDs for your church's outreach. Sell copies of your services' CDs and DVDs from your Web site or book store and generate funds to help support your church and its ministries. Churches

Protect Chain of Custody and Your Department's Reputation with Custom Printed DVD-Rs & CD-Rs

Police departments and other law enforcement agencies can use custom printed CDs and DVDs to help protect their chain of custody and their reputation. Custom barcoding and serialization is available for law enforcement agencies. Law Enforcement

Promote Your Business with Professional, Consistent Printed CDs and DVDs

Medical offices and PACs use preprinted DVDs and CDs for easy and consistent labeling of their discs. Custom printed medical grade discs help medical offices, imaging centers, orthopedics, vision centers, dentists, veterinarians and ultrasound centers promote their businesses. Medical

Preprinted Discs are a Flexible and Affordable Option for Schools specializes in providing pre-printed CDs and DVDs to schools and universities. We understand your budget process and concerns, which is why all schools and universities automatically receive Net 30 terms with an authorized purchase order. Schools

Printed DVD-Rs Make Burning Game Footage a Snap for Coaches

Sports Teams use preprinted DVDs for easy and consistant labeling of their game footage and breakdowns. Even dojos use preprinted discs to present their martial arts students with tournament and practice footage. Sports Teams

Television Stations Can Avoid Printing Bottlenecks with Preprinted Discs

Use preprinted CDs and DVDs to help label your television stations digital archives. Professionally printed discs can help your tv station ensure consistent DVD labeling and filing. Television Stations

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FREE Printed Disc Sample

Receive a FREE printed disc sample with your artwork or company logo. Learn Why Custom is a top name in disc printing.

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FREE WaterShield Sample CD or DVD

See for yourself why WaterShield CDs and DVDs are considered the best discs for inkjet printing.

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FREE Paper Sleeves with First Order

Place your first order of 100 discs or more and receive paper free paper sleeves with your order.

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