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Preprinted Discs are a Flexible and Affordable Option for Schools

Oops, you don't have javascript. You can fill out the form by clicking here. specializes in providing pre-printed discs for schools, which they have used for:

  • Sports: recruiting, game footage, season summary
  • Cheerleading/Poms: competition footage, pictures or keepsake videos of season highlights
  • Special Events: Graduation, Homecoming, video yearbook and festivals
  • Theater, Dance and any other departments

We print great looking DVDs and put them back on the spindle to make it easy for you to burn your own copies. (Or, if you want to make it really easy on yourself, we can duplicate the content for you.)

As one of the nation's largest suppliers of professional media to educators, we understand your budget process and concerns. Because of this, all schools and universities automatically receive net 30 terms with an authorized purchase order.

Inspiration for your School's Next CD or DVD

Choose an image below and we'll print it on a CD or DVD with your school's information or logo. Or, use these images as inspiration for your own artwork.

sample preprinted disc for schools featuring cheerleaders

sample preprinted disc for schools featuring a graduation class

Image #EDU-CHR Image #EDU-GRD
sample preprinted disc for schools featuring a mascot sample printed dvd for university orientation
Image #EDU-TIG Image #EDU-TCU
sample preprinted disc for schools featuring a sports team
Image #EDU-SOC