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Television Stations Can Avoid Printing Bottlenecks with Preprinted Discs

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Looking for an easy way to label your television station's digital archive? Using preprinted discs keeps your station's DVDs looking neat and professional.

Television stations use printed discs to:

  • Keep Accurate Files – use checkboxes and text lines to ensure consistent labeling and accurate filing.
  • Avoid Printing Bottleneck – The printing portion of the disc publishing process is the bottleneck that holds up production. Avoid delays in creating digital copies of your footage and concentrate on what you do best.
  • Quickly Provide Copies of News Programming – Community organizations and students frequently request copies of news programming. Be able to answer those requests quickly and easily with professional looking discs.

DVD Disc Design Ideas for Television Stations

Use these images as inspiration for your disc labels.

printed DVD-R for TV stations Sample printed DVDR for television stations
Image #TV-HLF Image #TV-WHT